NHTSA investigates Tesla Model X

NHTSA is investigating a Tesla Model X crash. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is investigating a July 1 crash in Pennsylvania involving a Tesla Model X to determine if automated functions were in use at the time. of the accident, the agency said.

NHTSA is looking to find out if Tesla’s autopilot function, a semi-autonomous technology that helps the driver steer and stays in lanes, was working. NHTSA is currently investigating a May 7 fatality of a Tesla Model S driver using autopilot.

In a statement, Tesla Motors Inc. said, “Based on the information we have now, we have no reason to believe that Autopilot had anything to do with this accident.”

Tesla said it received an automated alert from the car stating that the airbags had deployed, but never received the logs containing details about the state of the vehicle’s controls – which would indicate whether the autopilot was on or off. Multiple attempts to find the owner of the car were unsuccessful, Tesla said.

NHTSA said it was collecting information from the state police, Tesla, and the driver, Albert Scaglione of Farmington Hills, Michigan.

NHTSA’s disclosure last week of its investigation into the May accident in Florida that killed a Model S driver using autopilot has focused attention on fledgling technology that Tesla has said was still in “beta” or testing…

While Tesla has said that drivers are responsible and their hands should be on the wheel even as the car takes over greater control, some industry experts have questioned whether such partially autonomous systems calm drivers with a false sense of self-control. security.

In the Pennsylvania crash, state police said The Model X struck a toll road railing, then veered through several lanes and into the middle, where it landed on the roof in the middle of the road. The driver and a passenger were injured, according to the police report according to auto news.

Tesla’s autopilot system is being questioned. The manufacturer is racking up car accident cases. It is a system that has yet to be perfected. It is said to be in beta, it is not final yet. Autonomous driving is coming very soon and will have to get used to it. What is important is that the driver always maintains control of the vehicle. Tesla has announced an update to its autopilot. These accidents may detract from your image and scare off your car buyers. I hope Tesla reacts and focuses on improving its vehicles and their autonomous driving systems and autopilot. I hope Tesla learns from its mistakes and steps in the right direction.

Tesla 8.0, the update of the autopilot and navigation system

Tesla can quickly and easily update the software on its vehicles remotely. Overnight, an owner may find that their Tesla has a host of new features, all without a visit to a dealer. Tesla will release update 8.0.

Tesla Autopilot

It will be a particularly interesting update for owners of the Tesla Model S and X with the convenience features of the autopilot.

When Tesla launched the first generation of the autopilot, CEO Elon Musk said that future generations of the system will allow fully autonomous driving, but the current generation only allows autonomous driving on the roads and in parking situations due to hardware limitations…

While the autopilot isn’t going very far just yet, Tesla has been getting better with each new version 8.0 update and brings the system one step closer to an autonomous driving system on the roads practically with the addition of automatic ramping. exit with turn signal.

Like Tesla’s current automatic lane change with the turn signal when the Autosteer, 8.0 will allow drivers to command the autopilot to take an exit, simply by activating the turn signal.

It will of course take a bit of getting used to, but like other autopilot features, Tesla owners will have to learn to trust the system by remaining vigilant and always ready to take control.

Additionally, Tesla’s beta program says the 8.0 is also introducing a more responsive Traffic-Aware and Autosteer cruise control for a smoother experience in traffic.

Now go into updating the user interface, there will also be a small update to the interface generated by the autopilot on the dashboard. Models of Tesla vehicles will now be displayed not only from behind but at whatever angle they are moving, both perpendicular to the Tesla or when turning around a corner.

The dashboard is turning a real-time representation of the vehicle’s environment into reality through the eyes (sensors) of the autopilot.

Update UI and other features
Tesla internally refers to the 8.0 software update as the biggest user interface update since the Model S release – larger than the 7.0 update. It is also the first update to Tesla’s main interface.

We won’t go into all the new features and changes – leaving some surprises for when the update is pushed into the fleet – but here are some of the more interesting parts of the update in terms of the user interface.

Voice commands have been significantly improved in 8.0 by removing the need to hold the button to use it and also displaying a transcript of what the system thinks you said right on the dashboard.

What is likely to be perceived as the most notable change for the Model S and X owners is the redesign of the navigation map and interface. It features a major update to the “Turn List” or Required Actions and new routing based on the power capacity. The navigation route planner and can now also suggest alternative routes to avoid tolls and use different supercharger locations.

Another aspect of the user interface that is significantly updated is the media player. While Tesla owners from Europe have access to a Spotify app in the car, all indications are that it’s not coming to the US or at least not in the beta 8.0 Tesla update.

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