A New Tesla for 25,000 Euros? According to Elon Musk, It will be available in 2023

Elon Musk has presented a plan that would lower the cost of batteries, which will allow you to buy a Tesla for only 25,000 euros in three years.

“We don’t have an affordable car. That is something we will have in the future. But we have to reduce the cost of batteries. It is the center of Elon Musk’s road plan for Tesla. Reduce battery manufacturing costs to offer a cheaper electric car model that can reach the general public.

This was stated by Musk at the largest event of the year for the company, which was held in a parking lot from which attendees listened carefully – inside their vehicles – to the entrepreneur’s plans for the medium term at Tesla. And, to reduce the cost of the Tesla battery, Elon Musk believes that it would be necessary to multiply the current production by 100.

Nothing that could not be achieved with a large investment – it would take 135 factories as the one Tesla has in Nevada to achieve it – but that for Musk raises another problem: the demand for electric vehicles is growing faster than the industry can offer. For this reason, the prices of eco-friendly vehicles are usually higher than traditional ones.

Tesla’s Plan to offer an Affordable Electric Car

Reduce the cost per kilowatt-hour by 56%. To do this, Tesla will multiply its production, reaching 3TWH in 2030. Until then, the company led by Elon Musk will try to reduce costs by optimizing the manufacture of batteries, their placement in the car, or through manufacturing materials.

A Tesla for $ 25,000. Musk has promised that his company will have a model for $ 25,000 in 2023 thanks to the changes they will implement in the production systems of their factories. This would be a milestone in the history of the company, used to offering models with a price well above. In Spain, the most basic Tesla Model 3 costs around 50,000 euros.

Batteries are six times more powerful. The batteries of the new generation of Tesla will be up to six times more powerful than the current ones and could have a range of up to 16% more. In addition, they would become part of the chassis of the cars instead of dead weight. This will allow Tesla to save about 400 parts of the car and reduce its weight considerably.

Taking care of the environment. In addition to these developments, Musk has announced a progressive reduction in the use of cobalt until its complete elimination. On the other hand, the company believes that up to 19% nickel, 2% lithium, and 1.8% cobalt could be extracted from old batteries, which would considerably reduce costs and the impact on the environment during the manufacture of new models.

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