Virtual Reality: Future toward the fake world.

Virtual reality is an artificial world created with the help of software. It uses computer modeling and simulation.  It presents the user in a way that prompts the user to be reality. The user can easily believe that what is seeing, hearing, and feeling is present or reality. The user feels the artificial environment as the real one.

A realistic environment is created with the help of computer hardware and software. But in reality, it is just an imaginary environment or a fake environment created around a person. There is such, interactive 3D computer-created world that you can feel both mentally and physically. VR uses sensors to detect how the body is moving.


 Virtual Reality uses 3D images that change in real-time. A head-mounted display is a small display optic in front of each eye.

 It has built-in accelerometers or position sensors that detect the head and body movements and adjust the picture accordingly.


 In immersive rooms, the images displayed on the walls of the room are changing from outside. As we move into the room, the images will also change. At initial, the HMDs had a limited view and looking your world from a narrow tube.

 Virtual reality is just replacing your reality with something new virtual computer-generated environment that could be some game, movie, or something you want to see. Virtual reality is an idea to trick your mind into thinking that that’s your new reality.

The VR started with the air force as a part of their training and, it’s the flight sim now that’s much easier and inexpensive to have new pilots practicing.


Virtual reality and augmented reality are two slightly different things. So to clarify, virtual reality is replacing your entire reality so you’re immersed in this new world with nothing left from the real world.

augmented reality is just that it’s augmenting your reality a little bit it’s adding some things and combining with the real world sometimes that’ll be in the form of an overlay.

No doubt that technology is developing very fast, the things we dreamed of in the past have come to reality we also have to see the disadvantages of these technologies. In some other way, Virtual reality also means stopping yourself from the real world and engaging yourself in a world that doesn’t exist in reality. The line between the real and the artificial world becomes more and more blurred. There are some potential problems and posit some solutions. In the virtual world, you are in a place that will make reality seem boring it will make us feel less connected with the real world, where you have responsibilities.

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