The trend of reading, learning through online mediums is increasing in the field of education. Today, it has become one of the most popular tools in education, and now it is easy and convenient to do online classes instead of offline classes. Virtual learning refers to a means where students rely on graphic aids to remember and learn the material.


A learning system based on virtualized teaching with the help of electronic resources is known as virtual learning. Virtual learning has become one of the fastest-growing learning platforms to learn. Nowadays, everything related to every field is available online, and every year many people take part in it. The rapidly growing online network is going to be the future of education in many ways.

It is becoming popular day by day and is also an easy and convenient medium. Everyone wants to get the best out of where they invest their money. Why would anyone want to go to offline classes when we get an excellent education at our doorstep.

Advantages of virtual learning

  • virtual learning saves money and time
  • it is cost-effective.
  • a more comfortable learning environment
  • better interaction and ability to concentrate
  • increase convenience and flexibility

Distance learning has become very popular during the Corona pandemic. All the education system is converted online from the physical education system. The virtual means of the education system plays a very beneficial role in the education sector. Many top portals were already present, new ones have emerged during this period. Some are improvised and, many are better, people are also liking it now, it has become a style of reading, especially children like it more. This field is new, and people like it all over the world. It is gaining popularity day by day and is slowly becoming the most popular means of education. 

Commination Technologies used virtual learning:

following communication technologies are used in virtual learning

  • video conferencing.
  • skype
  • google hangouts
  • google meet
  • zoom app
  • google classroom
  • Microsoft teams.

Teaching materials are also becoming available through online mediums. Anyone can see or read the subject of their choice. Many institutes have started online classes; students are also finding it very convenient. It saves them traveling time and gives them a chance to concentrate more on their studies.

Disadvantages of virtual learning

 following are some disadvantages and drawbacks of virtual learning

  • virtual learners are less organized
  • it can lead to daydreaming
  • lack of attention
  • a burden to the eye when intense focus required
  • website entice people virtually
  • virtual learner requires equipment that make it costly


If seen, virtual learning is becoming more popular than classroom services. Here you get everything like lectures, solving question-answers discussing a topic to other tasks, etc. It is helpful not only for the students but also for the parents. They do not need to take their children anywhere as all the classes are going on at home. 

Every technology has its advantages and disadvantages. It depends on the user how people use it. If I use it with precaution, I can achieve more success. Learning is all about acquiring knowledge no matter what your learning medium is. The Internet, which is considered an ocean, provides more knowledge than a book. So it would not be wrong to say that online medium is much better than offline medium.

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