Tesla has given the world products like Tesla’s car, and recently Elon Musk amazed everyone with the launch of Tesla’s smartphone Model Pi. Elon Musk never fails to surprise the world with his next-generation or future technology. From launching rockets to space, manufacturing the most advanced electric cars to providing the world with satellite internet. Tesla is a successful brand. Now we will see the tesla smartphone in the future.

In 2021, the company officially showed off the phone. The gadget will be called the tesla model pi. Experts believe that the smartphone thrashes in the market and, it will be a real gadget revolution. Researchers predict a severe drop in sales for competitors. 


The Tesla Model Pi Smartphone is hope for equipped with a quality 4K screen, a cluster of 4 cameras with the major camera of 108MP resolution, powered by Snapdragon 898 SoC chip, and has up to 2TB of flash storage.‌‌ 

The gadget will have a case with a coating that can change the color. The developers have created a photochromic overlay that will shimmer with various pigments under the influence of sunlight. The front camera is not visible on the renders. The experts believe that the front camera will be located under the display. The phone has a prominent Tesla logo on the back. It is also able to connect to the Starlink satellite. Tesla mobile phone has Wi-Fi manufactured with Wi-Fi built-in Star link, which could be a game-changer and pose a threat to apple and Samsung. The tesla smartphones can connect to SpaceX’s Star link. It aims to sell connections to the internet to almost everyone on the planet. Through a growing network of private satellites orbiting overhead. The tesla model pi will download and upload data at a speed of up to 210 megabits per second using Star link internet. As the satellites fly in low orbit, low latency and fast connectivity are assured. 

Tesla’s smartphone similarities with iPhone:

Tesla’s smartphone designer is Antonio Derosa, who has created exciting concepts for apple products. The gadget market researchers note that the tesla model pi looks like iPhone 12.

  •  As iPhone 12, Tesla has four cameras in a square frame.
  • The sides of both of the phones are rounded with a silvery tint. 


  • The insistent rumor is that the phone would work on Mars and be able to connect to earthlings.
  • It is rumored to have a brain-phone interface from Neuralink. 
  • It may mine your coin.


The tesla smartphone model pi is the gateway to the whole generation of smartphones, and it will give major phone companies a run for their money. These are just some of the features we know about as the phone doesn’t launch maybe some of its features are just rumors. The model pi will surely have other hidden features that we do not know about them yet. The tesla phone Model pi is a legendary phone, but the revealing date of the Tesla smartphone is kept secret by the company.

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