Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra: Rumors

Rumors about the new Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra have already begun. According to the rumor, it will have a space in its frame for the S Pen. The latest rumors suggest that the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra will be equipped with the S Pen slot. This addition is already compatible with many other Samsung devices, at the moment it can also be used on its flagship Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 5G foldable device. But it appears that Samsung’s plans are aimed at more mainstream devices to integrate the S Pen’s capabilities into daily life.

New versions of high-end smartphones are usually the most predicted. And Samsung has one of the most popular phone lines on the Android scene, the Galaxy S21, which seems to have peaked in attention. For a few weeks, attention has been focused on his successors.

The rumors also come with details on the screen of the alleged Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, the screen would have a 19.3: 9 ratio, it would therefore be much wider than, for example, the Samsung Galaxy S21. Also, this device may come with less rounded corners than the rest of its siblings, to look more like a Galaxy Note.

Comparison of Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra:

And if it were true that it will have a space for the S Pen, the battery should not suffer from this addition. It is said that the battery could have a capacity of 5,000 mAh and this would mean an increase of 500 mAh compared to the Galaxy Note 20, even if it would match the one integrated into the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. So, in principle, there will be no battery problems.

Design of Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra: Rumors

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, design in the style of the Note line, is confirmed by the manufacturers of cases. Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra photos in cases from different manufacturers have appeared on the Internet. Very often, in the photos of the cases that confirm the design of the upcoming devices long before the announcement.

Also, these images confirm that the Galaxy S22 Ultra will not only get a stylus, but in general the design of the Galaxy Note line, which is usually more rectangular than the flagships of the Galaxy S. In fact, we have the Galaxy Note22 Ultra, but so far all the data says so. At the same time, such a model will probably make the release of Note22 meaningless, and Samsung will finally combine the two lines, but the first rumors about this appeared many years ago.

Release Date of the new Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra:

All of these are rumors, and so they should be taken with some caution, but it doesn’t seem like we’ll have to wait too long to find out about Samsung’s new devices. They are expected to arrive in early 2022, although some argue that we may even see them at the end of this year.

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