Latest Generation Robots:

We have been asking ourselves for many years what the future will be like with the latest generation of robots. And today, with the advent of a global pandemic, it almost seems as if these robots are playing an important role, helping humans solve certain problems.

We know that in Japan this is certainly not new!. Robots have been almost an integral part of human life for years and are widespread, from stations to airports, from restaurants to hotels.

The AI (Artificial Intelligence) Revolution:

Artificial intelligence plays a decisive role in the development of robotics. As for robots, as early as 2015, for example, the ChihiraAico robot was helping customers find their way around shopping centers.

The female-looking robot, around the age of 32, was built by Toshiba and is capable of speaking, singing, gesturing, and crying.

The robot can guide you around the shopping center and speak in 5 languages. All this makes us think of a clear replacement for human work.

So, while in Japan this kind of “encounter” is quite common, in the rest of the world how would people behave towards humanoid robots capable of looking like real people?

Robot to Help The Population Against The Pandemic:

In this period so perturbed from the point of view of world health, what is certainly a rapid step forward in terms of technology is the use of robots to fight the emergency.

Robots of various sizes and shapes, able to measure the temperature, sanitize environments, provide instructions, within common the fact that they are useful tools in the fight against the coronavirus.

Some robots that are fighting the spread of the epidemic are truly the emblem that they can easily replace a specific or specialized employee of a particular sector.

Many of them, often of human appearance or in any case that is in close contact with human beings, previously had mostly military uses. For example, to defuse a potential car bomb it is better to have a robot approach, rather than a soldier, for obvious reasons.

If we think of this danger, then it comes normally to think that the best choice is precisely the use of these robots, free from the danger of contagion.

The Most Famous Robot of 2020: Sophia

Introduced during the latest WMF 2020, Sophia is the most advanced humanoid robot in the world. Sophia is a social android, created by the Hong Kong company Hanson Robotics Limited and can reproduce more than 62 human facial expressions, a media star that has seen her participate in countless initiatives.

During the interview with the WMF, the robot also explained how AI can help humans in emergencies and that, thanks to the constant work analyzing billions of molecules to identify a cure for the coronavirus, it can monitor its spread, effects, and hopefully find a solution.

In addition to Sophia, another robot has also made headlines this year with the launch of Space X, Simon, the assistant astronaut.

Many think that artificial intelligence will take jobs away from humans or even want to take over the world. The truth is that robots want to help people, not replace them.

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