Is The Apple Series 7 Biking Watch is worth buying over the Apple Series 6 watch?

Apple makes the series7 watch available on Oct 8, 2021, with a coming price of $399 in the market.

Durability: The new apple watch series 7 is more durable than the older Apple series. Its durability is 50m water resistance, IP6X dust resistance, 50% thicker front crystal compared to series6 only 50m water resistance available.

 So, if you are looking at durability, then the apple series 7 is more worth buying.

 Display: Contrary to the rumors that Apple redesigned the series 7 with flat edges, the Apple watch series7 looks very similar in design and features to the older Apple series watches with rounded edges. The big difference between the apple series7 and the apple series6 is that the series 7 watch comes up with two case sizes, 41 and 45 millimeters, the largest and advanced display, as opposed to the case sizes of 40 and 44 millimeters available in Apple older series. Apple watch series 7 has an always-ON Retina LTPO OLED display mode which was not available in the older series. Now you don’t need to touch the screen or raise your wrist.

So, if you are not comfortable with a small display apple series7 watch is worth buying.

  • Colors: Apple Series7 comes up with five (5) new colors of Aluminium: Blue, Green, Mid-light, Product (Red), Starlight of stainless steel, and titanium finish.
  • Battery: The one big difference in Series 7 is its charging speed. Apple Series7 watches charge up to 33% faster than the older series and Up to 18 hours USB-C magnetic fast charging cable.

According to the battery timing and charging speed, the Apple Series7 watches are more reliable and worth buying.

Price: Apple watches Series 7 comes up with a $399 market price. The coming price of the Apple watch series 6 was also $399.There is not much difference between Series7 and Series6 watches. The always-ON display mode of Series7 makes it more worth buying if you are a rider.

  • Processor: The processor of the Apple series7 watch is S7 and, the processor of the Series6 is S6.

Keyboard: The Series 7 QWERTY keyboard is more user-friendly compared to that of the older series. Its larger display allows users to easily send long messages through a watch without any complexity.

  • Connectivity: The connectivity features of the Series7 watches and Series6 watches both are the same with Bluetooth 5.0, cellular on GPS, and WiFi. 
  • Sensors: Apple company did not introduce any advanced option in the Series7 watch. The sensors features of the Apple Series 7 and Series 6 watches are almost the same. You can find the oxygen level in your blood and much more.

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