If we think about the future, we want things to be better and comfortable than the past. The speed of technology development is getting faster and that some things, developing too fast in the future. 


Hyperloop is a high-speed ground transportation system.

Currently in development by the number of companies. It could see passengers moving at 700 miles an hour in a floating pod. 


Hyperloop was first conceived in 2012 by Elon Musk. He set his vision for a super-high-speed transportation system. In which, we see passenger pods move through a partial vacuum in steel tubes addressing. The two key factors that slow down conventional vehicles’ are friction and air resistance. In HYPERLOOP, passengers sitting in pods travel at airline speed. It used pressurize tubes using electric propulsion and magnetic levitation. Low-pressure tubes and electric propulsion will be used for transportation of the passenger or similar. The passenger capsule is not driven by air pressure like vacuum tubes, but by two electromagnetic motors. With its help, it can travel at a speed of about 760 miles per hour. The concept promises to slash the journey time between cities from hours to minutes. 


Proposed hyperloop designs employ three components:

  •  Tube.
  •  Pod.
  •  Terminal.

The tube is a large-diameter sealed, low-pressure system. A coach runs inside this controlled environment that may be referred to as a pod. Specially designed capsules or pods are used which carry passengers or load cargo, these capsules or pods will be driven in large transparent pipes above the ground on an electrical magnet and these pods by magnetic effect. Some will lift off the track, which will increase the speed and reduce the friction.

 In which terminals handle pod arrivals and departures. The tube eliminates air resistance that slows down the speed. The tube will be set up on quake-resistant pylons standing up to 100 feet in height. Under this, the pods of passengers in a hyperloop vehicle are provided high speed through progressively electric propulsion inside a low-pressure tube. Which will result in ultra-low aerodynamic drag over long distances at airplane speeds.


The system of the hyperloop works entirely with Renewable Energy Resources like solar and wind. It does not require any conventional energy like oil or gas etc. 


Hyperloop is a faster and cheaper mode of transportation and less polluting than air travel or car travel. ELON MUSK says, that the pods will be comfortable and safe. Each pod will be fitted with multiple emergency braking systems. It offers low-energy and travel long-distance running on batteries. 

The hyperloop technology is weatherproof. There is no effect of weather on it like rain, snow, and even earthquakes.


High speed is both a feature and a weakness of this transport technology. It will have a problem in applying the emergency brake at a speed of 1000 kmph and, there is still confusion about the effect of brakes on the passengers and the vehicle.

Although DevelopLoop has achieved remarkable success in its testing phase, the safety question remains as it. It has not been tested in man. There is a risk of hitting the tube while driving the vehicles on a curved path, especially when the tunnel is narrow.

The high speed of the capsule may cause dizziness to the passengers so, questions like its acceptability among the passengers are also important.


The HYPERLOOP is easier and cheaper to build than the traditional rail. It can use to take the pressure off gridlocked roads, making travel between cities easier. Hyperloop is a new mode of transport that enables freight as well as people to move safely and on-demand from their origin to their destination.

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