In recent years, we have seen great progress in the development of modern assistive technologies that help people with physical disabilities to live a fulfilled life. Human augmentation is growing very fast.

Human augmentation is achieved by using chemical substances that improve a selected capacity or installing implants that require a medical operation. Human augmentation help in building up lost human capabilities. Following are some amazing human augmentations.


 Replication refers to any enhancement that mimics what a specific individual may already do. You have seen examples of replication in your life-like prosthetics. A prosthetic leg or arm does not provide a person with an ability that most humans do not already have. It simply replicates a pre-existing human function and imparts it to someone who could not have it before. Replication helps those who have had a tragic illness or accident or were born with deficiencies.

Third thumb:

The third thumb gives another digit to augment your adeptness. It is attached to the palm has yielded results in recognizing human brain functions. 

DuoSkin Tattoo:

DuoSkin Tattoo is an interactive golden circuit tattoo that can control the devices. It uses gold metal leaf, a material that is skin-friendly, cheap, and robust. We demonstrate three types of on-skin interfaces: 

  1. sensing touch input,
  2. displaying output,
  3.  wireless communication.


It is a brain-computer interface (BCI) that allows individuals to interact with computers at a neural level. It can take a backup of memory. With the help of a chip, many diseases can be cured. A chip can operate the brain. 


A wearable device is similar to glasses that give legally blind persons the ability to see their environment. eSight is a medical device that features cameras on the front that takes the environment in near-eye quality and display it on a screen that sits right in front of the wearer’s eyes. 

Airbag helmet:

The airbag helmet is called the Hovding worn like a collar around the neck. This collar inflates into a helmet when it senses any impact. It is the super protective headgear that inflates in just one second, making the skull nearly indestructible.


It is a platform used to translate sign language into speech and speech to sign language, which acts as a personal translator for deaf people. It proves a life-changing device for deaf people.

ORA-X headphones:

ORA-X is the world’s first augmented reality headphones. These headphones make a walking media consumption machine that allows listening to and watching media without touching a phone.

Iron man suit:

The iron man suit is an exoskeleton built with miniature jet engines attached to the arms, legs, and back.

Final thoughts:

We use technology to augment our capabilities at any point in this human processing. Continuous exploration is done in Human Augmentation. But the hybrid of human life and computer technology is still far away because it still has many problems. These problems will be solved, gradually and at one point in time, this technology will become a part of our life.

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