Artificial Intelligence - The Invention of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is the branch of computer science that uses hardware and software systems to program machines with characteristics very similar to human ones, to solve problems of everyday life.

The invention of Artificial Intelligence:

The term Artificial Intelligence was invented in 1956. In the 21st century, after 60 years of research, we live in an era in which AI is reaching its maximum potential.

What is artificial intelligence and how does it work?

With artificial intelligence, we want to create algorithms that repeat an action several times through iterations and machine learning. Algorithms learn from mistakes, to carry out that action more and more efficiently and quickly and without making mistakes.

This can facilitate the work of one or more people and in some cases replace it. This speeds up times, reducing costs and providing benefits for both the company and the end customer.

Common uses of Artificial Intelligence:

•          Internet searches managed by the Google algorithm.

•          Product recommendations from Amazon.

•          Music recommendations from Spotify.

•          Driving advice from Google Maps.

•          Credit card fraud prevention.

•          Youtube Recommended videos.

Advantages of artificial intelligence

  • Artificial intelligence and robotics science are used in mining and other fuel exploration processes. These complex machines help explore the ocean floor and overcome human limitations.
  • Deal with complex situations without errors: self-driving cars are an example of this, which can avoid accidents due to inattention, sleepiness, or distraction doing those jobs that man seems boring because they are repetitive, especially in the industrial and production fields, resulting in a valid help and avoiding errors here too.
  • Artificial Intelligence helps in the field of research from the health sector to others because it can analyze faster and larger amounts of data. This could allow the medicine to make progress that has been expected for years in the treatment of many diseases.

Disadvantages and dangers of artificial intelligence

Everything that is in excess is dangerous, just think of drugs or if we like it more we can think of work but it is also the same for the use of Artificial Intelligence.

  • Going back to self-driving cars, a problem can be delegating one’s human decisions to an algorithm, thus risking de-empowering human beings.
  • The mix between humans and artificial is getting stronger and therefore it will be increasingly difficult to establish whose real responsibilities are.
  • Often, humans are manipulated by algorithms. With the increase in recommendations, there is a risk that people are convinced that the choices suggested to them by the algorithms are their own, thus ending up becoming very influential.
  • In the Artificial Intelligence course for companies and professionals, it is possible to learn about AI technologies – such as the neural network -, how to make the most of artificial intelligence, as well as the difference with machine learning.

For those who were strangers, we could very summarily say that Artificial Intelligence is the science and engineering of making machines capable of carrying out actions or decisions that have always belonged to the human species.

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