Apple Touch Bar was an innovative idea but failed in its execution.

In 2016 Apple introduced the thinnest and lightest MacBook pros ever. The strip of touch bar offers a dynamic experience to the user to interact with the content on their main screen. The touch bar is also helpful to add ease of access to certain apps, functionalities within those apps, and even things like volume control. The touch bar is also proved very helpful in video editing and using different short keys.

The Touch Bar seemed like a fancy, shiny new gadget that many were eager to try and want to experience its functionality. But for the majority of the users, it proved to be disappointed.

Apple has determined that a small percentage of keyboards in some MacBook, MacBook Air, and MacBook Pro models have one or more of the following behaviors:

  •  The letters or characters repeat unexpectedly.
  • The letters or characters do not appear.
  • Key(s) fell sticky or do not respond consistent manner.

Now the new 14 and 16 inch MacBooks no longer have a touch bar.

Apple drops the touch bar from its MacBook Pro models and uses physical keys to replace it. Different people reacted differently to the removal of the touch bar majority of the people think it was a good decision because the touch bar is quite useless for them. The technical students and professionals hated it and just wanted it gone. People may be in the minority that loves touch-bar due to their different features. 

 Apple first unveiled The Touch bar back in 2016. At that, it was a big thing for mac and also for the user as it was a unique feature. It received a lot of stage time. It was the main feature in the marketing material and, one of the biggest draws to the laptop at that time. Now the touch bar had continued on each MacBook pro.

As the touch-bar a regular source of complaints from MacBook pro users since its introduction. The touch bar is mocked regularly for solving a problem that didn’t need fixing. So, apple may not flat out say that they wronged about the touch bar apple tried something new and failed now the 2021 MacBook pro is back in reality. Maybe in next future, the touch bar again appears with advanced features. But for now, it has been laid to rest.

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